Research on Acceleration Data Recovery System Based on the Process of High-Speed Projectile Entering Water Impact



In the high-speed water-entry shock experiment, we need to store and recover the acceleration data generated during the water-entry shock process. In response to this need, we designed a two-dimensional acceleration measurement combined device system. The system uses the IEPE sensor as the sensitive element, and designs an efficient constant current source circuit and a low-power signal conditioning circuit. Use high-precision A/D (ADS1256) converter to achieve analog-to-digital conversion, The data communication between the main control unit and ADC is realized through the serial peripheral interface SPI, and high-speed data transmission is completed. The main control unit stores the collected digital signals in the corresponding memory card through a new polling storage technology. The experimental results show that the system adopts the disconnection trigger method to effectively avoid the false trigger phenomenon during testing. The polling storage technology of real-time cache solves the problem of partial data loss caused by power outage in a specific water impact environment. By comparing the waveform energy difference with the data obtained by dynamic simulation and verifying by mathematical analysis, it can be known that there is no frame error or frame loss in the transmission data. The data recovery device can meet the conditions for high-speed acceleration data recovery, and can provide reliable basic data support for water impact related research.

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