Assessment of diabetes self-management among diabetic patients attending Jeddah Care Center for Diabetes, Saudi Arabia.



Objectives:To assess the levels and the associated demographic factors with diabetic self- management (DSM) among diabetic patients in Saudi Arabia. The impact of implementing DSM practices on glycemic control was additionally investigated.

Results:The responses of 349 patients were analyzed (51.0% males and 37.2% obese). The median (IQR) raw DSMS score was 187 (165-205). Higher DSMS scores were reported for young adults (aged 20-29 years), insulin users, employed patients, as well as those with normal body mass index values and normal HbA1c results compared to their counterparts. Low HbA1c values were linearly associated with high scores of the healthy eating (β = -0.014, p=0.018) and physical activity subscales (β = 90-0.009, p=0.042).Keywords : Self-management; diabetes; glycemic control; Saudi Arabia.

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