2-D DOA Estimation Method Based on Coprime Array MIMO Radar

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21203/rs.3.rs-478458/v1


Aiming at the problem that traditional Direction of Arrival (DOA) estimation methods cannot handle multiple sources with high accuracy while increasing the degree of freedom, a new method of 2-D DOA estimation based on coprime array MIMO Radar (SA-MIMO-CA). Frist of all, in order to ensure the accuracy of multi-source estimation when the number of elements is finite, a new coprime array model based on MIMO (MIMO-CA) is proposed. The array model uses a special irregular array as the transmitting array and a uniform linear array as the receiving array. Besides, in order to reduce complexity and improve the accuracy of two-dimensional DOA estimation, a new two-dimensional DOA estimation method based on sparse array is proposed. This method uses the sparse array topology of virtual array elements to analyze a larger number of information sources, and combines the compressed sensing method to process the sparse array, and obtains a larger array aperture with a smaller number of array elements, and improves the resolution of the azimuth angle. This method improves the DOA estimation accuracy and reduces the complexity. Finally, experiments verify the effectiveness and reliability of the SA-MIMO-CA method in improving the degree of freedom of the array, reducing the complexity, and improving the accuracy of the DOA.

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