Non-circular Signal DOA Estimation based on Coprime Array MIMO Radar



Aiming at the problems of low degree of freedom, small array aperture, phase ambiguity and other problems of traditional coprime array direction of arrival estimation methods, a non-circular signal DOA estimation method based on expanded coprime array MIMO radar is proposed. Firstly, this method combines the coprime array and the MIMO radar to form transmitter and receiver array. Secondly, the array is expanded using the non-circular signal characteristics to reconstruct the received signal matrix. Then the dimensionality reduction is performed. The two-dimensional spectral peak search is converted into an optimization problem, and the optimization of the two-dimensional MUSIC algorithm is reconstructed using constraints, and a cost function is constructed to solve the problem. In addition, using the power series of the noise eigenvalues to correct the noise subspace to further improve the accuracy of the algorithm. Finally, the problem of no phase ambiguity in the method in this article is derived. Simulation experiments show that the method in this article can effectively avoid phase ambiguity, greatly improve the degree of freedom, and expand the array aperture. Compared with the traditional MUSIC algorithm and the mutual prime array MUSIC algorithm, it has better resolution and DOA estimation accuracy.

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