Transition to Online Higher Education during COVID-19 Pandemic: Turmoil and Way Forward to Developing Country - Nepal



Every day thousands of academic institutes suspend their classes and students are staying home maintaining social distancing due to the fear of COVID-19 pandemic and Nepal is no exception. Realizing this facts, this study aims to explore the factors for the effectiveness of online mode of classes especially to the on-class course-based students analyzing perception of faculties and students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on exploratory research design following mixed methods of qualitative and quantitative procedures for data collection, this study revealed triplet factors as infrastructure- specific, student-specific and teacher-specific as antecedents of effectiveness of online classes to the on-class based courses during pandemic. Students faced anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic but a higher willingness to learn has little anxiety. The findings significantly contribute to the future management of higher education during the pandemic as well as digs the future path of online and on-class teaching-learning practices in higher education. 

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