IEF2C: A novel AI-powered framework for suspected COVID-19 patient detection and contact tracing in smart cities



Novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has found as a climacteric pandemic that spreads from human-to-human through contiguity. It is not possible to control the virus properly because its vaccine has not been discovered yet. As of now, various contact tracing approaches are being taken to contain the spread of the virus by breaking its transmission chain. Recently, few technologies are being exploited for contact tracing such as geological location, Bluetooth and google maps. Governments of some countries have already launched contact tracing applications to identify the close contact people of COVID-19 positive patients.

However, these methods may not be effective without a huge amount of testing facility since the tracing action starts when a COVID-19 testing result is found positive. In this paper, we have proposed a novel AI-powered data management framework for smart city named IoT-to-Edge-to-Fog-to-cloudlet-to-Cloud (IEF2C) data management framework which will be exploited to identify the COVID-19 suspected patients in smart cities and also be used to inform the surrounding people about the suspected patient. The proposed framework is isolated into five layers which have different tasks such as data collection, processing, authentication and storage. The framework will bring all the citizens under a common platform as well as will ensure the user and device mobility. It will mitigate the information gap by helping concerned authorities and users to take proper steps in such a pandemic era.

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