About Research Square

At Research Square, we understand the challenges of research communication well because we’re research scientists too. Our team members have collectively published over 450 peer-reviewed papers, and we’ve all faced the same frustrations with the process as you have. We know the pain points of publishing and communicating your work, and we are constantly finding ways to improve the process so that you can focus more time and energy on performing research.

We know that communicating scientific and medical discoveries presents unique challenges, and we’ve developed a network of over 5,000 active researchers with subject matter expertise to help you overcome those challenges. These researchers help us ensure that the services we provide are highly relevant to your individual field of interest.

We also operate as a for-benefit corporation. Like researchers worldwide, our goal is to help improve society, and we do so in a responsible and sustainable way. Through our partnership with AuthorAID, we also donate some of our services to researchers who may not be able to access them otherwise.

Awards & Recognitions

Research Square has received numerous recognitions by top names in the business, research, and publishing communities. We have received awards for publishing innovation and for promoting a flexible, family-friendly work environment, and we have been on the list of fastest-growing private companies in the United States for several years in a row.

The Team

  • Shashi Mudunuri
    CEO & Founder

    Shashi grew AJE into the largest author services company in the world. He has degrees in Computer Science and an MBA from Duke University.

  • Sarah Taylor
    AJE General Manager

    Sarah has deep experience in all aspects of the operations and customer support for our services and works directly with our publisher partners to ensure we are meeting quality standards. Sarah holds a PhD in Biology from UNC Chapel Hill.

  • Damian Pattinson
    VP of Publishing Innovation

    Damian joins Research Square from PLOS, where he was the Editorial Director of PLOS ONE. Damian holds a PhD in Neuroscience from University College London.

  • Brett Nicol
    VP of Marketing

    Brett leads Research Square's marketing and sales efforts. He received a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Amherst College and an MBA focusing on Entrepreneurship and General Management from the University of Virginia.

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