Rubriq was created to improve the speed and quality of the peer review process. By providing independent, standardized review, we have created a portable peer review process that eliminates redundancy and allows articles to be transferred quickly between journals. Using proprietary workflow and matching software, Rubriq scorecards designed by PhDs and journal editors, and a pool of over 5,000 experienced reviewers, we can deliver rigorous double-blind peer review to a journal editor that allows an editorial decision in two weeks.

What is in a Rubriq Scorecard?

Rubriq Scorecard

We developed the Rubriq Scorecard with academic reviewers and journal editors to be a rigorous, complete tool for the evaluation of manuscripts. Reviewers use the Rubriq Scorecard to provide thorough assessment and commentary on all aspects of the manuscript, falling into several broad categories:

Quality of research
Quality of presentation of the work
Novelty of the results and potential interest to the field

Each review includes both qualitative feedback and a quantitative score, allowing editors to quickly assess the quality of the manuscript to make an editorial decision or route the paper to a more appropriate journal. You can read more about how we developed this innovative peer review tool in our white paper.

Who are the reviewers?

Rubriq uses the same qualified peer reviewers who work directly with journals. They are active, publishing researchers with doctorate-level degrees and/or professorships. If we do not have two high-quality matches for your manuscript within our network already, then our team recruits reviewers from outside our network that meet these same high standards to evaluate the manuscript.

Rubriq reviewer locations
  • 58% US & Canada
  • 25% UK & Western Europe
  • 4% East Asia
  • 3% Australia & New Zealand
  • 3% India & Sri Lanka
  • 2% Eastern Europe & Russia
  • 2% South America
  • 2% Middle East
  • 1% Africa
Rubriq reviewer locations
  • 62% Professors & Clinicians
  • 32% Postdocs & Research Associates
  • 3% Government Researchers
  • 3% Other

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