In Review

In Review is a new pre-publication service available when you submit to certain BMC journals. When you opt in your manuscript is posted online as a preprint. In addition to peer review at the journal, community comments allow you to start making changes prior to an editor’s decision. A private author dashboard tracks the status of your manuscript and allows you to see reviews as soon as they’re submitted.

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This initiative presents a groundbreaking new way of giving authors control and transparency of the peer review process.
Damian Pattinson, VP of Publishing Innovation, Research Square (2018)


AJE provides language editing, translation, figure preparation, and formatting services to help you eliminate your language concerns and give you the peace of mind from knowing that your research is being communicated correctly. Our PhD level editors cover over 420 areas of study and have all completed or are in the process of completing an advanced degree from one of the top research institutions in the United States.

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In 2017, our network of experienced PhD level experts will have helped researchers from 180 countries improve over 550,000 manuscripts.


JournalGuide is a free online tool that helps researchers find the best journal for their paper. We've developed a powerful search to match your research to articles in thousands of journals. JournalGuide combines data from CrossRef and journal editors to create a rich source of information. By bringing these sources together in a standardized format, we can provide a trusted place for authors and journals to connect.

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JournalGuide is a recipient of the 2014 Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers Bronze award for Innovation in Publishing.

Video Abstracts and Video Bytes

Research Square videos are designed to help increase the visibility and reach of your research. Our team of scientifically trained writers and animators works closely with you to create a 2-4 minute Video Abstract or a 1-minute Video Byte showcasing the key results and context for your research paper. We remove technical jargon and use engaging visuals, making the research accessible to colleagues, collaborators, funders, and more. The final video is posted to YouTube and free for you and the public to share with new audiences.

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In my experience, it was fun to make a video with Research Square and it tremendously broadened the impact of my study.

Meet our Team of Experts

As the world's largest academic author services company, covering over 420 areas of study, we carefully match your paper with our team of experienced scientists and editors in your field. We are committed to providing you author services with the highest quality. Our customer service team and research communication partners are always ready to provide personalized support that fits your needs. Meet a few of our team members:

Jackie Chretien
PhD, University of California Berkeley

Daitao Chen
PhD, Emory University

Michele Avissar-Whiting
PhD, Brown University

Manuscript Formatting
Stefanie Knauer
MA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Quality Control
Kurt Spurlock
MA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Customer Service
Michelle Ebbs
PhD, Johns Hopkins University

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