What is In Review?

Powered by Research Square and developed in partnership with Springer Nature, In Review aims to open up the submission and peer review system to authors and others in the scientific community. The first service of its kind, In Review will provide authors with on-demand access to the status of their manuscript and will allow them to showcase their work to the wider community for comment while their manuscript is under review.

What is the benefit to authors?

What is the benefit to the community?

What journals will be using In Review?

What does it mean when I opt in to In Review?

Will the editor take into consideration any comments made on my manuscript on In Review?

Does my decision to participate have any impact on the editorial decisions made by the journal?

How do I submit a revised version of my article to In Review?

Can I post my manuscript on a preprint server as well?

How do I submit my own manuscript to In Review?

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