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We have extensive experience in helping journals and editors evaluate and release new scientific articles quickly. We can supplement your existing editorial processes or provide complete support for your editors.

Our experienced staff have:

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Checked over 30,000 manuscripts in preparation for peer review

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Collected over 10,000 peer reviews for more than 6,000 manuscripts

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Assisted journal editors in processing 9,000 manuscripts

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  • Peer Review Management

  • Editorial Badges

  • Editorial Support

  • Efficient and professional peer review management

  • We can rapidly evaluate new manuscripts and eliminate bottlenecks in the publication of manuscripts by identifying qualified peer reviewers across a broad range of disciplines. Our Research Quality Evaluations are a form-based peer review specifically designed to assess sound research. We examine all reviews for completeness before delivering them directly to your manuscript tracking system, on average within 2 weeks.

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  • We supplement your staff or provide full-service solutions

  • Author

    submits manuscript

  • Research Square

    performs initial checks to confirm suitability for review

  • Journal/Editor

    decides whether to send for review

  • Research Square

    coordinates a reviewer to evaluate for soundness and sends recommendations to the Journal/Editor

  • Journal/Editor

    reviews and relays recommendations to the author

  • Author

    makes necessary changes

  • Journal/Editor

    reviews revised manuscript and sends to reviewer for second round of review

  • Research Square

    coordinates a reviewer to evaluate readiness for acceptance and sends recommendations to the Journal/Editor

  • Journal/Editor

    makes final decision about publication

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"This was a very easy environment for performing peer review. I greatly appreciate the ability to perform a blinded review without needing to consider the scope of the journal or [the] impact of the journal. This really enabled me to focus on the work performed solely from the standpoint of scientific rigor. Thank you!"

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