Research Square Videos

Our team of experienced researchers and professional animators helps communicate research results to a broader audience with engaging multimedia content.

What are Research Square videos?

Our videos are designed to help increase the visibility of published research and come in two distinct formats. Each Video Byte and Video Abstract includes the DOI of the source material and a link, so viewers can find and read your journal article easily.

Video Bytes

A 1-minute overview of your work and how it impacts society, geared towards a lay audience.

  • Images and footage
  • A guided process to help you create compelling text
  • Music
  • Video posted on social media channels and tagged with keywords, a short title, description, and article link
  • Price: $300

Video Abstracts

A 2-3 minute animation briefly explaining your methods and findings and the contribution of your research to the field, geared toward a broad, scientifically literate audience. Go to Gallery

  • Custom Animation
  • Images and footage
  • Professional script writing based on your manuscript
  • Voiceover
  • Music (upon request)
  • Video posted on YouTube and Vimeo channels and tagged with keywords, a short title, description, and article link
  • A detailed brief with tips and resources to help you maximize the reach of your video.
  • A slidedeck of stills from your videos for use in presentations or posters.
  • Average customer rating
    4.65 out of 5 stars
  • Price: $1500

Proven Impact of Research Square Videos


Articles with Research Square Video Abstracts have Altmetric Attention Scores that are 140% higher than articles without video abstracts.


Those articles rank 33% higher than non-video articles published in the same journal...and 18% higher than papers published in all journals, according to Altmetric.


Articles with Research Square Video Abstracts are accessed 80% more frequently than non-video articles.

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