Helping you and your authors communicate with videos

Our goal is to give your authors a better way to communicate their research. Our data show that authors that use our videos have:

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140% higher Altmetric scores

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80% more article views

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33% higher rankings than articles published in the same journal

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Video: How Video Abstracts Help Researchers

  • Video Byte

  • 1-min. overview of the author’s work and how it impacts society.

  • What is a video byte?

  • For a lay audience

    Images and footage; music

    Posted on social media

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  • Video Abstract

  • 2-3 min. animation explaining methods, findings, and the contribution of your research to the field.

  • What is a video abstract?

  • For a scientifically literate audience

    Custom animation

    Professional script writing


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  • Custom Video

  • Looking for something different? Examples include:

    Lay summary

    Animated gif

    Promotional video

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"Research Square did an exceptional job conveying our research with their animation. We are completely amazed by the succinct, engaging, and visually appealing video they created! During development, communication with the team was very responsive and they provided additional materials to make promotion easy."

Ariel Marcy

University of Queensland, Australia

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